Rabu, 2 November 2011

Justin Bieber a daddy? Fan claims he is the father of baby Tristan


Most sensation artist, Justin Bieber is now facing the charges of having a child with his fan. Fan from California swore that the three-month-old baby belongs to Bieber. Maria Yeater claims she had sex with the pop sensation a year ago.

Maria told a California court that Bieber propositioned her on October 25 of last year, when she was 19. Both had a sexual tryst after his concert and backstage.

An affidavit is requesting the court to compel, to force Justin Bieber to undergo a DNA test to prove, indeed, that he is the father of baby Tristan.

The charges could seriously damage Bieber's squeaky-clean image --he has openly criticized casual sex, and would have been just 16 at the time of the alleged encounter at the same time could seriouly damage the relationship between him and Selena Gomez.

Bieber may be the youngest pop star to face such accusations,. He has sold millions of albums and attracted a following of  young fans after his talent discovered on YouTube.

A court hearing is set for December. 4

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